Technology and Service Dedicated to the Fashion Industry
Technology and Service Dedicated to the Fashion Industry

Technology and Service Dedicated to the Fashion Industry

Bolloré Logistics, recognised expertise in a constantly-changing sector

In a sector shaped as much by the weather as by consumer demand, fashion industry logistics have always had to constantly adapt to new trends and seasonal highs and lows. Recent decades have transformed the industry from head to toe, with consumers benefiting from an explosion in styles and ranges, off-the-peg special collections and the revolution of e-commerce and m-commerce.

Whatever the segment - be it mass market or premium and luxury brands - the challenges remain the same in this fiercely competitive environment. Optimisation of costs and deadlines, supplier flexibility and inventory visibility are the basic patterns for the logistics strategies of fashion houses around the world. A single goal: to guarantee the availability of collections in on- and off-line shopping networks.

Bolloré Logistics, an intricate network of producer and consumer country platforms

Fashion logistics are dominated by the high-impact events at each end of the supply chain.

Upstream, supplier management is crucial. Downstream, local distribution structures are the key. Which end of the chain also incorporates the management of inventories with the preparation of orders and other value-added platform services depends entirely on the logistics strategy in place.

One of Bolloré Logistics' core strengths is its network. Present at both ends of the supply chain, it offers services in both sourcing and consumer countries, whatever the product.

Bolloré Logistics' logistics hubs provide a wide range of made-to-measure services, all fitted to suit customer needs and smarten their supply chain performance.

Classic services:

- Supplier management

- Logistics platforms (product reception, preparation of orders, inventory management)

- Distribution (delivery, unloading and shelving)

- Reverse logistics

Value-added services:

- Quality control

- Labelling, fitting of anti-theft devices

- Assembly, individual packaging

- Sewing, cleaning, ironing

- Solutions for hanging garments

Bolloré Logistics, cutting-edge technological solutions for global supply chain optimisation

Anticipating fashion sector trends also means reinventing logistics strategies. Recommendations can lead to the integration of a logistics platform upstream of the supply chain which is close to garment factories in order to incorporate services with a high value-added and the preparation of orders before their shipment and final delivery in the consumer country. At Bolloré Logistics, the keys to a project's success will always be its capacity to deliver savings in terms of deadlines, storage space and costs along with an improvement in efficiency.

Bolloré Logistics has the infrastructures and qualified experts to design and implement tailor-made supply chain re-engineering projects.

Its capacity to innovate with offers like "iD Fashion" sets it a cut above the rest.

Developed in collaboration with Bolloré Group subsidiary, IER, "iD Fashion" was fashioned from IER's technical know-how and Bolloré Logistics' expert supply chain consulting and management services.

"iD Fashion" is an end-to-end solution which combines the fitting and encoding of RFID chips to each item of clothing upstream of the supply chain with sector-specific value-added logistics services to form a creative, high-performance supply chain.


Key Figures
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  • +18,4%

    of growth for E-commerce retail market in Europe in 2015

  • 82%

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  • 1 billion

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  • 60%

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