SDV Industrial projects UK and SDV Horoz Projects Turkey Successfully Deliver Transformer and Reactor Packages in Partnershi
SDV Industrial projects UK and SDV Horoz Projects Turkey Successfully Deliver Transformer and Reactor Packages in Partnershi

SDV Industrial projects UK and SDV Horoz Projects Turkey Successfully Deliver Transformer and Reactor Packages in Partnershi

November 10th, 2015

SDV Projects (UK) recently coordinated the successful delivery of reactor packages for the extension of the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm.

The Burbo Bank offshore wind farm is located in Liverpool Bay, UK and the extension of the current farm is located west of the original operational site. The principal objective of the extension is the increased generation of energy from a renewable source, in this case wind, in line with UK Government targets.

Dong Energy, one of the largest offshore wind developers in the UK, subcontracted Balikesier Electromekanik Sanayi Tesisleri (BEST) in Turkey for the delivery and installation of two 200Te transformers and two reactors at their onshore substation.  Once constructed, the substation will allow the expanded 32 turbine offshore wind farm to connect to the national grid and begin generating power for over 180,000 homes.

BEST called upon the expertise of SDV to perform the transportation from ex works up to delivery and installation at site in St Asaph, Wales.

Working in partnership, SDV Horoz in Turkey and  SDV UK successfully planned and coordinated the delivery of  two transformers, each weighing 195T with 970FT (109 boxes) of ancillary equipment, as well as two reactors weighing 141T and 85T with 425FT (66 boxes) of ancillary equipment. SDV Turkey’s scope covered the international part of the transportation, i.e. from Ex-Works Turkey to FOB UK, Mostyn Port.

SDV UK’s role was the movement from Mostyn Port to site, installed into the foundation plinth at St Asaph.

The transformer and reactor packages were collected from BEST’s plant in Turkey in June and July and were loaded onto a two gearless vessel bound for Mostyn Port in North Wales, where the cargo was successfully offloaded. The transformers and ancillary equipment were transported to a dedicated storage area in Mostyn Port, while the reactors were loaded directly onto self-propelled modular transporter (SPMTs) and transported through the night to site at St Asaph under police escort. This 10 mile per hour dash through the narrow roads and corners of north Wales faced many challenges, but ended safely and successfully arriving at it destination at 2:30am.

With the final installations onto the plinths being completed next day by utilising a 1000 tons crane.

Due to the transformers size and weight we have to utilize the abnormal load exit at the Port of Mostyn, the loads were required to travel over a rail level crossing. The loads would then be positioned in a local layby area, approximately one mile from the Port, for transhipment from the 12 axle flat top to the 550Te capacity Girder Bridge for onward transportation. 

The final route plan highlighted a weak bridge, which was too fragile to accommodate the Girder Bridge and load. Therefore a special permit was acquired to contraflow the A55 dual carriageway in the wrong direction and avoiding the bridge, allowing the combination to re-enter the A55 in the correct direction.

Travelling under police escort throughout the night, the Girder Bridge and its load passed along the rural roads of Flint before joining the A55 for the 15 mile journey to site in St Asaph, arriving just as the sun began to rise.

Due to site restrictions and space the unloading was performed by a jacking and hydraulic skidding system which manoeuvred the load into position onto the plinth, aligned onto anti vibration pads.  Five days later, and following the exact same procedure, the second transformer was collected from the layby and delivered to site.

The client’s technical installation team were then able to start the installation of the ancillary equipment, and this will continue as required throughout September and October.

The successful cooperation and planning by SDV Industrial Project UK (Adil Sabbah  - Projects Operations Manager) and SDV Horoz Projects in Turkey (Ozgur Ozkan – Project Manager, Bahar YARLI- Project Specialist, Fikret Tuzcu – Projects Director) in conjunction with appointed subcontractors was a major factor for a faultless delivery and resulted in positive feedback from the client.

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