Bluedistrib’, Winner of the “Region Capital Price” 2016 in the Urban Logistics Category
Bluedistrib’, Winner of the “Region Capital Price” 2016 in the Urban Logistics Category

Bluedistrib’, Winner of the “Region Capital Price” 2016 in the Urban Logistics Category

October 11th, 2016

Enabling all to benefit from a more respectful environment service, Bluedistrib’ is much more than just a sustainable urban logistics service… it's a new city trend!

It is within the Bolloré Group, which operated the alchemy of diversification that is dear to us: The DNA and the Group expertise around transportation and logistics as well as those serving the energy transition through the BlueSolutions Division merged giving rise to the Bluedistrib’ project. Our teams have imagined, designed, developed, and implemented a solution, service and logistics patterns induced to distribute parcels on their final kilometer to a network of shared parcel lockers available 24/7 and seven days a week.

This service allows reducing pollution in the city thanks to its deliveries fully insured in electric vehicles. It is also more serenity for the citizens due to delivery at night or in off-shifting, thus reducing traffic and congestion, while offering free delivery whenever and wherever I want!

Finally, the richness of our culture that is found in the know-how of shopkeeper and artisans of our neighborhoods is also preserved by allowing them, through a shared approach to take advantage of this innovative distribution solution: my merchants are happy and jobs are maintained and developed in my city!

The jury of the Region Capital Price 2016 made us the honor to reward this innovative initiative by awarding us in the “Urban Logistics" category at an event that took place on October 4th, at the French National Assembly, in the presence of numerous personalities and under the guidance of Mr. François Dumont, managing editor of city Rail & transport magazine.

It is in the presence of Mr. Thierry Ehrenbogen, Director General of Bolloré Logistics, that Ms. Sandrine Ressayre, in charge of this new specially created subsidiary, was awarded the trophy from the hands of Mr. Vincent Lalu, CEO of VLA Media Group. "We are honored by this recognition for the efforts and the early success achieved reflecting in this price. We remain engaged, enthusiastic and confident to meet the many challenges that are still ahead of us in order, with you all, to build together a new mode of city!” said Sandrine Ressayre following the discussions which were held during the awards.


About Bluedistrib’:
At the end of a long R & D process, design, development, it's within the BlueSolutions Division that this project was born. An experiment conducted for 6 months allowed to demonstrate the operational feasibility, the appetite of the market for this new mode of distribution without constraint, and the strong interest of the cities that find the proof that such solution more respectful of the quality of life in the city and local trade may work. Since July, 2016, Bluedistrib’ is a full subsidiary of Bolloré Logistics.

Bolloré Logistics, a brand of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, is a global leader in supply chain management ranking among the world’s top 10 in transport and logistics with an integrated network of 601 offices in 105 countries. 


About BlueSolutions:
Listed on stock exchange since October 30th, 2013, BlueSolutions is the company which includes the electricity storage activities developed by the Bolloré Group.

By diversifying its historical activity of ultra-thin plastic films and paper producer, the Bolloré Group became a complete electrical components producer of capacitors, to hold more than a third of the global market. Based on this expertise and after 20 years of R & D, the Group has developed batteries and electricity storage solutions that are based on a unique technology, the LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery as well as the technology of the supercapacitors.

For more information on Bluedistrib’:


Key Figures
  • 20%

    More fuel-efficient for the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350

  • 70%

    of Urbanisation is expected by 2050

  • 27

    mega-cities are expected by 2050, with at least 10 million people, compared to 1...

  • +18,4%

    of growth for E-commerce retail market in Europe in 2015

  • 82%

    of goods are moved by road

  • 1 billion

    Population in Africa

  • 60%

    of Africa’s population will be urbanized by 2050

  • 7,5%

    of growth for Indian GDP in 2014

  • 4,9%

    of growth for African GDP in 2016

  • 6,1%

    of growth for East Asian GDP in 2015, the world’s fastest-growing region

  • 19 224 teus

    transported by the MSC Oscar, the largest container ship in the world

  • 396 m

    is the size of the MSC Oscar ship

  • 120 h

    is the Non-Stop Flight Record done by Solar Impulse

  • 4,5%

    of growth in 2015 for Global Airfreight demand