Another Successful Year for SDV at the 2015 Paris Air Show
Another Successful Year for SDV at the 2015 Paris Air Show

Another Successful Year for SDV at the 2015 Paris Air Show

July 1st 2015

The world's leading aviation and space event has just closed its doors at Le Bourget.

SDV Aerospace teams came from 48 countries worldwide to showcase their expertise to the international Aerospace and Defence Industry sectors (including aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, airlines and other operators, engine manufacturers, OEMs and MROs). SDV proudly unveiled a new range of tools designed to deliver customer solutions providing greater control and visibility of the supply chain.

It was also an opportunity to meet with new and existing customers and strengthen working relationships.

Indeed, on June 16, 2015, on the Bolloré Logistics chalet and in front of the aviation community, Benjamin Saada, President of Expliseat, Christian Streiff, Board Advisor of Expliseat, Francis Pierre, Technical Director of the airline Air Tahiti, and Jean-Pascal NAUD, Sales Director of SDV, formalized a joint collaboration which will commence on January 2016.
For the first time ever, Expliseat will provide regional ATR aircrafts with its ultra-lightweight seats. SDV has been selected by Air Tahiti to manage the shipments of these new-generation seats. SDV has been handling Air Tahiti’s shipments from multiple locations worldwide for the past 20 years. SDV is also the logistics provider of Expliseat.
"SDV accompanies the international development of all players in the aeronautics industry, whatever their nature and ambitions. We are particularly proud to provide support to French start-ups with innovative supply chain solutions ", says Jérôme Le Grand, Aerospace Director, SDV.

The same day, at SDV booth, AVIC International Logistics represented by Mr. Nannan SUN, International Director, and SDV represented by Mr. Cyril DUMON, CEO of SDV Greater China signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
Having a shared vision of aviation logistics development, both sides agreed to strengthen their cooperation by sharing their respective expertise, know-how, networks and resources in the market to improve the competitiveness of both parties and their business portfolio activities through collective efforts.
The purpose of this protocol is to define the general terms and conditions of their future commercial relationships such as common bonded warehouse implementation, support of AVIC in customs clearance in certain gateways in China, and the use of AVIC Logistics’ domestic trucking network to better serve SDV’s customers from the aeronautics sector. Subsequently AVIC considers SDV as its preferred logistics provider for international air/ocean freight between the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)/Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) by using SDV’s global network coverage.

Alongside the Paris Air Show, on June 18, 2015 in Schwaebisch Hall (Germany) Recaro Aircraft Seating honoured its major suppliers, which included SDV. This is the first time that they have awarded a Transport & Logistics provider. The award ceremony took place as part of the 7th “Recaro Aircraft Seating Global Supplier Conference”. The key topic at this event was “Cost Optimization – Connecting Competitive Partners” at which 150 international companies participated.

“Our aim is to be the best supplier from our customers’ perspective – and we expect the same from our partners. For this reason, we select our global suppliers with great care. Innovation, quality, commitment, and flexibility are the key criteria.”  - explains Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating.

“Each year we choose the best companies from among our 100 most important partners. Selection for the award is based on continuous assess¬ments, which we use to regularly monitor the quality of supplied products, on-time delivery, and overall efficiency,” - adds Joachim Ley, Executive Vice President Supply Chain at Recaro Aircraft Seating.
SDV Geis (Frankfurt, Germany), has been selected as a long-term partner for its on-going international transport services to the Recaro sites around the globe.
Recaro Aircraft Seating has more than 1,900 employees, including 1,000 working in Germany, and operates plants in Germany, Poland, South Africa, the USA and China as well as service centres in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. The company ranks among the world’s top three aircraft seat manufacturers.

Picture 1 (from left to right): Jean-Pascal Naud, Sales Director of SDV; Christian Streiff, Board Advisor of Expliseat; Benjamin Saada, CEO of Expliseat; Francis Pierre, Technical Director of Air Tahiti

Picture 2: Mr. Nannan SUN, International Director of AVIC International Logistics (sitting, left) and Mr. Cyril DUMON, CEO of SDV Greater China (sitting, right).

Picture 3 (from left to right): Tobias Deil, SDV Greater China Key Account Manager; Anette Beier, Recaro Team Leader Commodity Purchasing; Terrence Brown, SDV USA Aerospace Sales Manager; Rafael Salinas, Branch Manager of SDV Dallas; Joachim Ley, Recaro Executive Vice President Supply Chain and Joachim Wittner, Branch Manager of SDV-Geis Stuttgart

Key Figures
  • 20%

    More fuel-efficient for the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350

  • 70%

    of Urbanisation is expected by 2050

  • 27

    mega-cities are expected by 2050, with at least 10 million people, compared to 1...

  • +18,4%

    of growth for E-commerce retail market in Europe in 2015

  • 82%

    of goods are moved by road

  • 1 billion

    Population in Africa

  • 60%

    of Africa’s population will be urbanized by 2050

  • 7,5%

    of growth for Indian GDP in 2014

  • 4,9%

    of growth for African GDP in 2016

  • 6,1%

    of growth for East Asian GDP in 2015, the world’s fastest-growing region

  • 19 224 teus

    transported by the MSC Oscar, the largest container ship in the world

  • 396 m

    is the size of the MSC Oscar ship

  • 120 h

    is the Non-Stop Flight Record done by Solar Impulse

  • 4,5%

    of growth in 2015 for Global Airfreight demand