Partner of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

January 25th, 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show (C.E.S) is the annual meeting place for high-tech professionals. Organized by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association), the C.E.S has become the most important trade show dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics.

Its last edition was held from January 9 to 12, 2018 in Las Vegas, United States. France represented the 3rd largest presence, with 266 companies and exhibiting structures.

This show is an opportunity for car and equipment manufacturers to exhibit their latest technological innovations. This year many of them presented their vision and the latest developments of connected and autonomous vehicles.

It is on this very trendy part of the show that the Fairs & Events department of Bolloré Logistics was chosen to organize all transport of smart cars and models of automotive equipment of the future.

To guarantee the best care of the sensitive handling, but also to ensure the confidentiality of the products; specific packaging has been specially manufactured for the transport of vehicles which has been revealed during the show. Accustomed to managing confidential transactions, Fairs & Events department has joined forces with a packaging company to patent this technical competency.

Overall, our experts handled more than 26 tons and 220 m3 by plane on behalf of the largest players in the automotive sector but also the French Tech. All shipments have been realized by air from France and Japan, and a few, including the prototype of a new generation electric car, have been shipped from China. At the end of the show, Fairs & Events teams on site took care of the return of the vehicles under the same conditions.

The C.E.S was also an opportunity to highlight our synergy with Havas Events for which Fairs & Events department organized the transport of the stands structures in place at the show.

Key Figures
  • 20%

    More fuel-efficient for the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350

  • 70%

    of Urbanisation is expected by 2050

  • 27

    mega-cities are expected by 2050, with at least 10 million people, compared to 1...

  • +18,4%

    of growth for E-commerce retail market in Europe in 2015

  • 82%

    of goods are moved by road

  • 1 billion

    Population in Africa

  • 60%

    of Africa’s population will be urbanized by 2050

  • 7,5%

    of growth for Indian GDP in 2014

  • 4,9%

    of growth for African GDP in 2016

  • 6,1%

    of growth for East Asian GDP in 2015, the world’s fastest-growing region

  • 19 224 teus

    transported by the MSC Oscar, the largest container ship in the world

  • 396 m

    is the size of the MSC Oscar ship

  • 120 h

    is the Non-Stop Flight Record done by Solar Impulse

  • 4,5%

    of growth in 2015 for Global Airfreight demand