Bolloré Logistics : Tracking system LINK

November 21st, 2017

International transport and logistics leader Bolloré Logistics has partnered with Oro Inc. in a global venture offering clients one-stop B2B e-commerce sales and processing service. The innovation creates an enhanced means for multichannel retailers to do business with customer companies, and simplifies and speeds order preparation, handling and delivery procedures orchestrated by Bolloré Logistics.

The service harnesses the considerable success of direct digital sales to consumers by adapting those to the particularities of B2B e-commerce – an activity set to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020. ORO has helped Bolloré Logistics respond to needs that have not been fulfilled in the past, such as non-sellable inventory items. And with multinational companies prioritizing cost control to remain competitive, the Bolloré Logistics-ORO solution also creates value through a seamless customer experience portal.

Under the offer, world-leading OroCommerce platforms – tailored to the specifics of B2B activity -- are augmented with Bolloré Logistics' LINK collaborative information network. LINK provides real-time tracking, inventory, first and last mile status and other updating, using the constant input of maritime, air and road transporters, warehouses, customs and other supply chains actors. LINK is already used by 5,300 customers, 20,000 specific users per month and receives 400,000 views per month.

The new ensemble represents a powerful digital tool catered to customers' individual business and sales requirements, and provides processing and handling services clients can track through LINK's updating throughout transport and logistics operations.

"B2C e-commerce sites have become the ambassadors of retailers' online presence, and we import and adapt those efficiencies to simplify and increase B2B experience and activity," explains Frédéric Serra, solutions director for Bolloré Logistics. "We then go further by integrating our transport and logistics expertise and IT assets into the offer, providing processing service and visibility from order placement and management to final destination delivery."

"Next step for us is to integrate well-known payment gateways in order to provide a complete, end-to-end offer for B2B" explains Ludovic Laungani, regional e-commerce solution for Bolloré Logistics Asia Pacific.

The new service also provides cross-fertilization between clients' popular consumer sales sites and enhanced B2B platforms, forging front-to-end logistics, transport and tracking management that can also be used for B2C activity.


About Oro, Inc.

Oro, Inc., is the software company behind the Oro suite of open source commerce applications: OroPlatform, OroCRM and, most recently, OroCommerce. OroPlatform is a business application platform that helps companies accelerate their custom business application development; OroCRM is a CRM solution for multichannel companies; and OroCommerce, which launched in January, 2017 is an ecommerce platform purpose-built for B2B companies. Oro's founders were behind Magento's success and have deep experience in the ecommerce industry. They include Yoav Kutner, chief executive officer; Jary Carter, chief revenue officer; Dima Soroka, chief technology officer; and Roy Rubin, director of Oro's Advisory Board, who is a cofounder and former CEO of Magento.

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