Bolloré Logistics Organizes a Hackathon to Imagine the LINK Transportation Cockpit of the Future!
Bolloré Logistics Organizes a Hackathon to Imagine the LINK Transportation Cockpit of the Future!

4PL Logistics : Bolloré Logistics Hackaton, new invention for 4PL logistics

July 6th, 2017

On May 16th, 2017, Bolloré Logistics gathered over 70 participants, involving both clients and internal experts at the company Headquarters in Puteaux to imagine, at the heart of LINK, the transportation cockpit of the future.

Truly a logistics assistant, Bolloré Logistics' LINK collaborative platform offers its clients a full visibility and a total control over the shipments. At the center of the system, the data collected all along the supply chain. This smart platform, multichannel (web, mobile, smart services), highly-customizable and secure presents a new set of adapted features at each step of the supply chain, therefore allowing advanced piloting of the flow of goods on a global scale.

This event made it possible for Bolloré Logistics to directly meet its clients' needs in a co-creation way. The automotive, aerospace, beauty or luxury goods sectors united their forces for a whole day to create and win the award of the best innovation.

Four teams faced one another all day long. At 7:30 am, the teams were made; the challenge was presented along with the co-creation environment. The clock is now ticking! 10 hours of competition non-stop. The four teams – cross-functional and international – including team leader, client, expert in customer business solutions, supply chain engineer, key account manager and information system developers imagined what the LINK transportation cockpit of the future could be.

A race for innovation in an exciting environment sped up as the hours went by.

At 7:00 pm, end of the race! The four teams now present their project in front of members of the Bolloré Logistics' board. The most innovative ideas then blended themselves! Whereas the Red Team focused on consolidating transportation based on predictive analysis, the Blue Team imagined a smart 4PL control tower dedicated to the flow of spare parts for repairs within the aeronautics industry. The Green Team highlighted client satisfaction all along operations by developing Net Promoter Score for the entire value chain. The Orange Team, on the other hand, combined the customer care assistance of the LINK collaborative platform with technology by developing chatbot.  

To reward everyone after all of this energy well spent, several awards were presented to the teams, such as those of user experience and added value for business. Thierry EHRENBOGEN, Bolloré Logistics' CEO, handed the innovation and creativity award to the grand winner: the Orange Team!

Discover the Hackathon day:

This Hackathon is part of the B. Lab, the innovation community of Bolloré Logistics launched at the end of 2016. Its baseline "Digital Innovation Booster" highlights its vocation: to accelerate digitization of supply chain and to create ever more added value for our clients.


See you at the end of the year for a new Hackathon experience! 

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