Transport and Logistics in Poland, Market Focus

by Bolloré Logistics Poland

 Poland’s economy is one of the fastest growing - not only in Emerging Europe but also within the European Union. It’s the only European country to have avoided recession and is predicted to join the G-20 group of largest economies in the world by 2022. Poland is the most populated country of Central Europe, and thus relies on a large and strong domestic market. Foreign investors appreciate in particular the structural advantages of the labor market in Poland: good labor skills level, the potential for productivity increase and lower labor costs are quite attractive for multinational companies.


Operating in Poland since 2010, Bolloré Logistics has grown significantly over the last years. Bolloré Logistics Poland is now present in four sites with currently 30 highly qualified and experienced professionals in key strategic areas. Its headquarters are located in the port city of Gdynia, with two offices based in the capital city of Warsaw closed to the air cargo terminal, as well as in Krakow - and some representation in Tczew. They offer tailor-made solutions to customers for air freight and sea freight and provide specific expertise in customs brokerage.


Our teams are one of the greatest strength of the company to deliver the highest quality of service to customers; especially in the Automotive, Food & Beverages, Industrial Projects, and Perfumes & Cosmetics sectors. The port of Gdansk has become vital as the last stop in the Baltic Sea for a growing number of vessels coming directly from Asia. Bolloré Logistics operates inland haulage from terminals to any destination within and beyond country by road, rail or intermodal. A new and successful road department was opened for Full Truck Load (FTL) and Part Truck Load (PTL) services across Europe.


Bolloré Logistics Poland has also demonstrated its expertise in engaging some out-of-gauge overseas. Between others, the teams recently performed a highly challenging and unique Float-on / Float-off (FLO-FLO) operation in Gdansk Bay, loading the 56m x 50m x 27m floating dock Marco Polo onto semi-submersible heavy lifter vessel Sun Rise.

Bolloré Logistics Poland also holds the required certifications ISO 9001, WSK Military and dual-use goods.


1. BLX Poland’s team from Gdynia office
2. BLX provides services from all airports in Poland
3. BLX Poland handles FLO-FLO loading Marco Polo
4. BLX Poland’s team from Warsaw office


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