QHSE and Sustainable Development : Bolloré Logistics, reduce the carbon footprint of supply chain

QHSE and Sustainable Development : Bolloré Logistics reduces the carbon footprint of supply chain

BOLLORÉ LOGISTICS, a committed and responsible partner

QHSE and Sustainable Development : Bolloré Logistics, reduce the carbon footprint of supply chain

Bolloré Logistics' growth is built on the satisfaction of its customers who are central to its strategic roadmap. Its mission is to provide them with secure, innovative and competitive solutions from proposal through to completion.

The driving forces behind this growth will always be Bolloré Logistics’ strong corporate values and its commitment to sustainable development and the highest QHSE standards that, together, form the core foundations for current and future projects.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Four strategic drivers

Our voluntaristic approach in sustainable development is a cornerstone in our customer partnership model.

We help preserve the planet by offering transport solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But our ambition goes even further. We are endeavouring to reduce the overall environmental footprint of our activities, generating new areas for action such as managing our impact on biodiversity, air quality or challenges concerning water.

Our corporate responsibility also includes social and community aspects, focusing on our teams and integrating the expectations of our stakeholders as well as local economic development. We promote fair people management, encouraging local recruitment, responses to disability, diversity and gender parity.

Our CSR approach is materialized by the strategic drivers and commitments that are common to all Bolloré Group activities and deployed at an operational level.

Environmental commitments

  • Innovating to meet new market demands
  • Investing to protect the environment

Social commitments

  • Attracting talent and retaining employees
  • Developing our employees' skills
  • Applying a top-level health and safety policy
Societal commitments                  

  • Contributing to local employment
  • Supporting the economic and cultural development of the country
  • Promoting a local sponsorship policy


  • Launch of Bluedistrib’, first sustainable urban logistics service;
  • Finalization of the logistics green hub in Le Havre (France);
  • Integration of air quality indicators (NOx, PM) into the "CO2 calculator" tool;
  • Finalization of the study of the impact of water on our activities;
  • Study on the effects of our activities on biodiversity.

Meeting customer needs and anticipating change by integrating current and future environmental concerns are central to Bolloré Logistics' strategy.                              

Our environmental program is based on four strategic drivers:

- Regular analysis of the carbon footprint (GHGs) and impact of activities on biodiversity and implementation of measures to ensure continuous improvement

-Developing environmental certifications (ISO 14001, ISO 50001) and constructing buildings in compliance with the highest standards in regards to environmental and operational performance (HQE®, LEED®, BREEAM®…) while preserving biodiversity (ECOCERT® certification, BiodiverCity® label)

-Partnerships with high-performance carriers

-The climate change challenge represents a major axis of our investment policy. Thereby, we are prone to offer more innovative and less energy consuming products and services:

  • In 2011, Bolloré Logistics created the SAVE PROGRAM, a 3-step environmental solution for customers that are committed to achieving an eco-responsible supply chain. Since 2016, indicators related to air quality have been integrated in the solution which gives a more precise analysis of nitrogen oxide and fine particles linked to freight transport.
  • In 2016, Bolloré Logistics also started Bluedistrib’, the first urban “non-carbonaceous” logistics servicehttps://www.bluedistrib.com/Discover Save Program.

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