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"We are moving towards a new economic model that calls for greater corporate responsibility, both in terms of ethical business conduct, and in the way in which companies rise to the environmental, social and societal challenges associated with their activity. We believe that sustainable consumption is not solely the responsibility of manufacturers. From transporting raw materials to delivering finished products to the final consumer, Bolloré Logistics also plays a part, by integrating in its day-to-day operations the CSR issues of each link in a responsible supply chain.

It is within this context that we are launching the "Powering Sustainable Logistics" program. Rolled out across the world as part of a continuous commitment to progress and performance, this program aims to boost the environmental and societal value of Bolloré Logistics at every stage of the supply chain. As a driving force for local development in more than 100 countries, Bolloré Logistics wants to accompany its clients in achieving sustainable, international growth, and to underline its commitment to sustainable global trade."

CEO Bolloré Logistics

QHSE et Développement Durable : Bolloré Logistics, solutions de transport éco-responsables

 ​ A CSR program in line with core business

Drawn up together with customers and employees of Bolloré Logistics, this program is based on four drivers in line with the Group's CSR pillars. Based on the ISO 26000 standard for assessing stakeholders' CSR issues, it gathers all of the company's actors around 11 commitments to be achieved by 2025. Through this program, Bolloré Logistics contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and, in particular, to eight challenges.  


The 8 Sustainable Development Goals selected by Bolloré Logistics

Its integration, both in its operations and its commercial offering, enables Bolloré Logistics to embark upon an approach to overall progress supported by each employee. The program's internal governance is in particular performed by a dedicated committee of experts from the various business lines and geographical areas, who also make up a broad network of ambassadors. 

In line with the ethics and compliance policy put in place since 2000, Bolloré Logistics is continuing its actions to ensure the integrity of the supply chain. The priority remains awareness-raising and training for all employees. 120 ethics delegates participate in the current ethical compliance system (including, among others, risk mapping, selection of subcontractors, due diligence and whistleblowing system), which meets the anti-corruption laws requirements in every country where we operate. On a global scale, a new internal action plan is being implemented to meet the recommendations of the AFA (Anti-corruption French Agency). 

Halting global warming and pollution in cities is everybody's concern. Through its program, Bolloré Logistics builds its climate strategy. From direct impacts of our activities (scopes 1 and 2) to indirect impacts related to execution of our services (scope 3), we are working to integrate environmental pillar in our operations and investments. Our ambition is that each employee will take these impacts into account to guide their actions and design the most effective customer solutions. 

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Download the Biodiverty Charter

Individual commitment and collective strength of its teams are Bolloré Logistics' major assets. The company has accordingly set itself demanding commitments, with priority actions such as improving safety for employees and local partners, with all countries having a safety management system by the end of 2020; training, with a target of 75% of employees per year; and global roll-out of the new social inclusion policy facilitating integration in employment of people from underprivileged communities.

With an aim to provide local responses to society's stakes, Bolloré Logistics develops targeted partnerships with its external stakeholders and, through its investments, participates in the development of the local economy. Access to employment and improving skills of populations, with a target of 90% local employment and 85% local managers, represent our main contribution. One of the priority targets of this theme is young people; Bolloré Logistics accordingly places an important emphasis on development of dynamic relationships with schools and universities.

Eco-responsible transportation and logistics solutions

Defining a common reduction target, undertaking and deciding in a win-win approach is key. All alternative solutions incorporating the cost/lead time/CO2e objectives are examined.

    › We design logistics networks with the lowest environmental impact (GHG and air pollutants).
    › We involve our carriers in our program and integrate environmental data in our decision-making tools for
    freight purchases.

    › We set environmental performance targets with our customers in a partnership and continuous improvement
    approach and integrate them in customer reviews (regular dashboards issued thanks to the GHG and pollutant
    calculator integrated in our systems).

Environmental optimization for logistics services

Bolloré Logistics has started rolling out on sites that produce value-added logistics services, the 3R policy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Among the key actions: optimization of packaging size and carton filling rate, reduction of paper (ePOD), reuse of used cardboard boxes as cushioning material, or plastic totes for local deliveries, and use of recyclable pallets and cartons.

A strong "sustainable real estate" policy

Since 2012, Bolloré Logistics has built several hubs based on environmental demanding certifications. In 2018, this sustainable investment policy is being strengthening as any new construction throughout the world, and whatever its size, will be based on an environmental certification. The energy efficiency of our existing facilities will also be improved and harmonized thanks to our new road map defined by our works based on the Science Based Targets initiative. 
Our ability to embrace societal challenges, offer sustainable and value-creating solutions to our customers and develop the expertise of our employees contributes to making our company more attractive and better performing every day. Here are some of the targets set in the “Powering Sustainable Logistics” program: