Global supply chain, customs and logistics, transport and multimodal flow optimization - Bolloré Logistics
Global supply chain, customs and logistics, transport and multimodal flow optimization - Bolloré Logistics

Transport and multimodal flow optimization : multimodal logistics

Bolloré Logistics' range of services extends across five core categories: Multimodal Transport, Customs and Regulatory Compliance, Logistics, Global Supply Chain and Industrial Projects.
Its performance stems from a worldwide network of experts and from value-added integrated information systems which afford complete visibility on all operations throughout the entire supply chain.

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Multimodal Transport

Optimal flow management

From consolidation to chartering, Bolloré Logistics offers customers efficient solutions that meet the strictest time, cost and product constraints.

Air transport services

    - Direct flight and consolidated flows

    - Urgent transport - AOG, 24/7

    - Chartering

​Ocean transport services

    - Full containers (FCL/FCL)

    - Consolidation solutions (LCL /LCL)

    - Break-bulk

    - Chartering

​Overland transport services

    - Road transport: Pick-up/Delivery, Container haulage

    - Waterway transport

    - Rail transport (Africa, Asia-Europe)

​Express transport services

    - International door-to-door shipment of documents and small packages, with guaranteed next-day and five-day delivery deadlines, depending on the destination and local formalities.


Bolloré Logistics services are backed by:

    - A panel of approved suppliers (air, ocean and road freight companies) that have undergone our strict selection process to allow us to fulfil our commitment to providing the best service at the best price. Suppliers are regularly assessed to ensure they continue to meet Bolloré Logistics requirements in terms of quality, deadlines, innovation and economic performance.

    - Air and ocean consolidation platforms at every major international hub to optimise flows and centralise freight.


Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Breaking down the barriers to a seamless supply chain

Efficient customs brokerage and full compliance with freight safety and security requirements are the keys to fluid supply chain management and logistics at Bolloré Logistics. Choosing us as partner also means being advised on how to keep duties and taxes to a minimum. Finally, one of the main strengths of Bolloré Logistics in Africa is that it is held up as a benchmark by various customs administrations.​

    - Customised advice: analysis of customs flows and expert assistance in a range of fields (regulations, procedures, customs regimes)

    - Handling of customs operations from A to Z (Bolloré Logistics is a licensed customs clearance agent in most countries)

    - Cargo safety and security guarantees of a certified operator: Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) in Europe and C-TPAT in the United States, etc.

    - Agreements and conventions with various customs administrations (simplified and/or pre-paid clearance procedures)

    - "De​dicated" ​customer IT solutions that are more conducive to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)



Value-added inventory management

At Bolloré Logistics, our strategically located warehouses are tailored to product constraints for greater flexibility and faster access to local markets.

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    In Africa, logistics planning is adapted to each country and able to draw upon a strategic network of pan-African hubs for storage and distribution.

    - Multi-site, multi-channel and multi-sector solutions

    - Inventory management and order preparation

    - Distribution centres (consolidated import flows, delivery to end customers)

    - Value-added services (qualitative and quantitative controls, labelling, kitting, Pick & Pack, inward processing, delayed differentiation, etc.)

    - Reverse logistics management

Global Supply Chain

An end-to-end approach for a global perspective

Reduction in costs and inventory levels and improved services: Bolloré Logistics has optimised its supply chain logistics through the design, deployment and coordination of integrated solutions with a performance promise.

    - Design and integration of logistics and transport solutions by Bolloré Logistics experts

    - Centralized end-to-end coordination through Bolloré Logistics' network of control towers

    - Central management of subcontractors in LLP (Lead Logistics Provider) mode

    - Continuous improvement process (Lean Management): analysis of performance indicators and implementation of improvement plans

Industrial Projects

Whatever the size of a project, its origin or destination, Bolloré Logistics offers custom-fit solutions for the following sectors:

    - Energy (Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Hydro-electric & Renewable Energies, Petrochemicals and Chemicals)

    - Mining

    - Construction and Equipment

    - Other industries (seawater desalination, rail systems, steel, cement, etc.)

Solutions are fine-tuned by our network of experts around the world to match the unique characteristics of each project.

    - Perfect understanding of each project's surrounding configuration (infrastructure and local regulations)

    - Preliminary studies with site recognition and road survey

    - Precise planning of all operations

    - Heavy-lifts transportation

    - ​Coordination of multiple stakeholders and synchronization of operations