AEROSPACE LOGISTICS: Integrated solutions upstream and downstream of aerospace supply chains

A complex environment

3,000 satellites beaming signals from space, 100 helicopters built each month, 1 plane landing every second around the world.... these figures alone illustrate the scope and complexity of the aerospace industry today. The value and extremely precise purpose of certain parts, the multitude of destinations, the globalisation of procurement and maintenance, and heightened pressure to optimize costs mean aerospace industry supply chains are increasingly governed by just-in-time processes and after-sales performance commitments.

Bolloré Logistics, expert in aerospace logistics

Aerospace solutions are backed by a network of specialists in over 50 countries and a 1,600-strong workforce, all trained in sector-specific techniques and processes and spread across reactive operational structures that are available 24/7 to manage urgent and sensitive flows.

Bolloré Logistics has a network of 16 platforms around the world, strategically close to Aeronautic Areas. Fully compliant with aerospace industry standards, facilities provide storage and handling of large volumes as well as value-added operations such as quality control, assembly, packaging, etc.

The supply of spare parts and units from multiple origins, synchronisation of line-side or port of call deliveries, delivery and management of flows linked to aircraft maintenance... Bolloré Logistics teams design secure, cost effective and scalable solutions.

The Bolloré Logistics range of Aerospace services includes: ​

    - Handling of multi-supplier orders, including delivery lead-times and order consolidation.

    - Management of specific customs requirements and regulatory compliance.

    - Management of spare parts flows for optimised transit times.

    - Design of comprehensive transport and logistics solutions for the seamless execution of PbH (Power by the Hour) contracts and a range of after-sales services.

    - Project management for oversized and sensitive material (satellite, aircraft, fuselage, engine, etc.).

With more than 30 years of experience​​ in the field, Bolloré Logistics is recognised as a global expert amongst all aerospace industry players:

  - Aircraft manufacturers

  - Airlines and operators

  - Engine manufacturers

  - Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

  - Maintenance & Repair Organisations (MROs)

  - Space

  - Defence

Bolloré Logistics complies with international industry standards (ISO 9001, ISO 9120, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, C-TPAT, AEO, OASIS, EAR/ITAR regulations and TAPA standards). Employee awareness and training programs in these standards ensure the highest levels of quality, health and security. Bolloré Logistics' environmental program 'POWERING SUSTAINABLE LOGISTICS' is also designed to reduce and offset the Group's carbon footprint.

Optimal supply chain management

As Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) and Lead Transport Provider (LTP), Bolloré Logistics designs and oversees the in-depth transformation of supply chains with the centralisation of subcontractors.

Value creation is based on a 3 steps methodology:

    - Design: definition of solutions to match set targets.

    - Implementation: contractual commitments, partner selection and deployment.

    - Execution: control towers coordinating operations to ensure continuous improvement.

Key Figures
  • 20%

    More fuel-efficient for the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350

  • 70%

    of Urbanisation is expected by 2050

  • 27

    mega-cities are expected by 2050, with at least 10 million people, compared to 1...

  • +18,4%

    of growth for E-commerce retail market in Europe in 2015

  • 82%

    of goods are moved by road

  • 1 billion

    Population in Africa

  • 60%

    of Africa’s population will be urbanized by 2050

  • 7,5%

    of growth for Indian GDP in 2014

  • 4,9%

    of growth for African GDP in 2016

  • 6,1%

    of growth for East Asian GDP in 2015, the world’s fastest-growing region

  • 19 224 teus

    transported by the MSC Oscar, the largest container ship in the world

  • 396 m

    is the size of the MSC Oscar ship

  • 120 h

    is the Non-Stop Flight Record done by Solar Impulse

  • 4,5%

    of growth in 2015 for Global Airfreight demand