A More Inclusive Future for Everyone: Bolloré Logistics Recognized by SG Enable as a Fellow “Enabling Employer”

August 29th, 2019

25 July 2019 – Bolloré Logistics is proud to receive the Certificate of Recognition at the 5th Enabling Employers Awards Ceremony, Pan Pacific Singapore. Hosted by Mr. Desmond Lee, the Minister for Social and Family Development, the award ceremony is an initiative created by SG Enable, Singapore’s Social Welfare Organization, to recognize employers who demonstrated commitment towards hiring and integrating persons with disabilities into the workforce.

​Together with L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific, who was in agreement to collaborate with SPD, a charity organization to assist people with disabilities of all ages, Bolloré Logistics gains the opportunity to tap into this prospective source of manpower.

At present, Bolloré Logistics has 14 trainees from the SPD Sheltered Workshop working under the co-packing department, handling tasks such as packing, labelling and simple kitting with the support of a training officer from SPD. With the success of this collaboration, plans are currently being made to increase their numbers, and expand their scope of work and responsibilities.

"By being inclusive in our hiring journey, we see past the differences among individuals and provide equal opportunities to learn life-long skills that would help them in the future.” Ms. Rona Lau, Operation Manager of Bolloré Logistics, shares her reasons for hiring individuals with disabilities. “They are part of the big family and we want them to experience personal growth during their time with us," she added.

Measures have been taken to make the environment more conducive for the employees with special needs. These include 2-way transport arrangement, installations such as railings and ramps to make the place more accessible and rest areas where they can gather and mingle. “We do our best to ensure their safety from home to work. It is a commitment, not just to our employees, but also to our values to nurture workplace diversity,” said Rona.

On the whole, by diversifying the workforce, Bolloré Logistics aims to create an environment for employees to gain greater empathy that would enable them to derive better solutions through the amalgamation of different perspectives and experiences.

"I am very proud that our effort with Bolloré Logistics is being recognized; I look forward to continue enhancing this value-creating business partnership with Bolloré Logistics in making inclusivity an integral component of our business model," says Marc-Antoine Poulle, Operations Director of L'Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific.

“We are truly grateful to Bolloré Logistics for offering our trainees the opportunity to work in a real work environment. The invaluable exposure gained from this stint will reinforce their vocational training under our sheltered employment programme and boost their employment outlook. We hope to deepen our collaboration with Bolloré Logistics in engaging more persons with disabilities through more worksites and exposing the trainees to a wider scope of work and more inclusive workplace practices,” said Ms Pauline Tan, Senior Manager, SPD Sheltered Workshop.

This initiative is contributing to Bollore Logistics’ CSR Program, “Powering Sustainable Logistics”, by taking action to promote diversity in the workforce. 

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