Singapore Participated As a Sponsor for Asia Startup Summit 2018

December 21st, 2018

Bolloré Logistics Singapore was proud to be a sponsor of the first edition of Asia Startup Summit. Co-organised by the French Chamber Of Commerce Singapore and La French Tech, the event was held on 13th December 2018, at Novotel Singapore On Stevens.

​With over 200 attendees across 46 start-ups and 25 multi-national companies in Asia-Pacific, the summit aimed to promote synergies and collaborations in the region, along with providing opportunities for start-ups and corporates to spark innovation.

The agenda featured topics from 18 different industry categories, all specially curated to meet the needs of modern businesses. From keynotes to panel sessions, experts and corporate leaders shared invaluable insights and an outlook on technology and innovation; while the pitching demo sessions by the startups enthralled the audience with a plethora of innovative and exciting solutions. 

Bolloré Logistics Singapore had the pleasure to meet with a total of 17 start-ups during the speed meeting session. The session was nothing short of amazing as it unfolded the potentials of each innovation and contribution to businesses around the world. Over a span of 4 hours, discussions touched on both logistics and non-logistics related topics, and how innovative platforms, with the help of robotics, Internet of Thing (IOT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) could easily cut down the sheer volume of menial, repetitive or time-consuming tasks. The key take away was that these once-elusive technologies are well taking shape, and innovations incorporating them are definitely on the rise.

Innovation, Partnership and Sustainability

If technology is considered as a primary catalyst for innovations, then collaboration would be the critical ingredient for the success of innovation projects. As global patterns of production and consumption continue to evolve, companies could no longer work in silos. A collaborative ecosystem becomes essential to stay agile in this turbulent business environment.

“At Bolloré Logistics, we believe that innovation is not just about coming out with new ideas or products, but also a journey to foster better partnerships. A synergistic partnership brings about collaborative thinking, which offers multifaceted perspectives on problems. Consequently, solutions will be better designed, more innovative and sustainable,” said Mr. Frederic Marcerou, Managing Director of Bolloré Logistics Singapore.

“Innovation, partnership and sustainability are at the heart of Bolloré Logistics’ culture. However, these three don’t just happen. It takes a lot of effort, courage and strategies to pursue, often along with the quest for continuous improvement,” he added.

Recent initiatives include a pilot project on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to drive productivity and enhance customer service through automation, and an award-winning innovative trucking solution that helps overcome operational challenges.

Both projects would not be successful without the trust and close rapport between Bolloré Logistics and its collaborating partners.

Taking Things to the Next Level

Bolloré Logistics Singapore believes in mentoring the leaders of tomorrow. The next initiative features B.Lab - a highly conducive space that supports innovators carrying out pragmatic digital innovative projects. Together with a dedicated learning center and education partnership programs, Bolloré Logistics Singapore aims at nurturing creative thinking and encourages creative business ideas among the brilliant minds in local tertiary institutions.

The B.Lab and learning center are set to commence together with the opening of Bolloré Logistics’ innovative hub in Singapore – the Blue Hub, in 2019.

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  • +18,4%

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  • 1 billion

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  • 60%

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