Bolloré Logistics Indonesia Successfully Completes the MAN Wika Package IV Gas Engine Power Plant Project

October 8th, 2018

Bolloré Logistics Indonesia has been awarded the MPP Package IV Gas Engine Power Plant project by WIKA (PT Wijaya Karya) with total electrical capacity of 140MW. Transportation of this project began in April 2018 and finished in late August 2018. The scope of work included receiving ten MAN engines from under HeavyLift Vessel hook, receiving on ballastable barge, mobilization of spacer barge, design of temporary jetty, road survey, roll off from barge to temporary jetty, transportation to site and installation to foundation.

​Three different sites were concerned by this project; two of them located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara in the city of Bima and Sumbawa, and the last site in Maumere, East of Nusa Tenggara.  Bolloré Logistics successfully delivered six MAN 18V51/60DF engines, three units to Bima and three units to Sumbawa, each weighing 315 tons and four MAN 12V51/60 DF engines of 219 tons each to Maumere. 

Operations in Sumbawa were a perfect start for our experienced Industrial Projects team in Indonesia. Several bridges needed to be crossed along the way to reach the site that required preliminary survey to give assurance to the Indonesian Public Works Authority to allow transportation of MAN engines. Bolloré Logistics Indonesia also arranged for the Police to escort the heavy lift convoys and used a “Fly Over Bridge” to ensure no damage to public facilities. Thanks to Mr. Nasrullah, Project Operations Manager at Bolloré Logistics Indonesia, who organized several meetings and surveys with the Public Works as well as leading the transportation of these heavy lifts successfully to the site.  

Maumere operations presented some tough challenges as the seabed turned out to be a UN Conservatory area that did not allow the vessel to anchor or to touch anything under the water. Mr. Xuan Dung Le, Civil & Transport Engineer at Bolloré Logistics Asia-Pacific, specifically designed a temporary jetty. The design of the jetty with the use of a spacer barge allowed Bolloré Logistics to roll off the heavy lifts without touching the seabed at all.

Bolloré Logistics Indonesia was also involved in customs clearance operations of the entire cargo of this project and inland transport to each site. Thanks to Mr. Taufik Mariyanto, Customs Regulatory Manager at Bolloré Logistics Indonesia, who has supported this project during the preparation of the Master list for duty exemption, as well as supporting the process of SKB (import taxes exemption) for every shipment during the entire duration of the project.

Moreover, Bolloré Logistics was involved to mobilize equipment to support the operation in these remote islands, and transport eight transformers ranging from 43 to 79 tons each purchased by WIKA - and other materials purchased locally that were indispensable to complete the project.

The excellent teamwork and dedication shown by our teams locally including our Projects Executives and Customs Manager in Indonesia, our Civil & Transport Engineer in Bolloré Logistics Regional office in Singapore were instrumental to the successful and safe completion of the project. 

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