Bolloré Logistics Successful at Mexico’s Aerospace Summit 2018

September 25th, 2018

Last August, Bolloré Logistics was present at Mexico’s Aerospace Summit which has been held in Queretaro, Mexico.

With the participation of over 500 companies in a +6,000 sqm exhibition space and an attendance of 2,000 executives of the aerospace industry, this summit, organized by MEXICONOW offered a series of conference sessions by industry leaders and networking opportunities with more than 1,700 business meetings scheduled.

Bolloré Logistics Mexico' Aerospace team was happy to participate in this event to share their knowledge with prospective customers of aircraft & defense manufacturers, airlines and MRO.


Find the Q&A session with Francisco ROBLES, Aerospace Manager at Bolloré Logistics Mexico:

How intensive is the use of third party logistics outsourcing by aerospace firms in Mexico?

Good question. I have seen the use of 3PL in Mexico, especially in QRO. One of our customers uses a 3PL for receiving root material, cutting metal sheets, and then sourcing in can ban to complete the assembling of the final product. It seems that in some way sourcing most of the manufacture process can be the future and the customer focus on selling the final product only.

Tell us one of the main challenges you had faced when handling a Helicopter, and how you did it?

We do mission with our customers when doing the transportation of a Helicopter. Two years ago we had to change our logistics plans since we did not have the permits to perform take off inside Veracruz Port. We ended up doing it outside on a parking lot for transportation companies. We did it almost six days since getting the Helicopter from the dock to see it flying to Veracruz Airport. In comparison with H175 we did this past June the 2018, we had 48 hours operation from getting it from dock to take off. We had this time all the support from the Veracruz Official Customs authority, as well as API (Administración Portuaria Integral de Veracruz).

How can you help Aerospace companies when the peak season is coming, and space is an issue with Airlines?

One way to face this season is to have a weekly forecast at least; this will give us the chance to book space so we get our ships move on. The other is to ask the Purchasing department to buy more stuff when vacations period are coming so they have root material in time for production and not having to wait at the last minute since it brings more costs at paying AOG rates plus having to shut down their production lines.


Bolloré Logistics, Expert in Aerospace Logistics

Our expertise is backed by a network of specialists present in over 607sites in 106 countries with a 1,600-strong workforce, all trained in sector-specific techniques and processes and spread across reactive operational structures that are available 24/7 to manage urgent and sensitive flows.

Bolloré Logistics has a network of 16 platforms around the world, strategically close to Aeronautic Areas. Fully compliant with aerospace industry standards, facilities provide storage and handling of large volumes as well as value-added operations such as quality control, assembly and packaging.

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