Logistics Solutions for the Benefit of Cashew Industry Players in Ivory Coast

May 14th, 2018

Bolloré Transport & Logistics provides support to players in the cashew sector...

​From February 22 to 24, 2018, the Radisson Hotel in Abidjan hosted the 2nd edition of the National Days of Cashew Exporters (JNEC), a platform for exchanges between national and international players in the cashew sector, one of the main agricultural raw materials in Ivory Coast after coffee and cocoa. Ivory Coast is the world’s largest cashew producer with 725,000 metric tons produced annually, accounting for about 25% of world production and 50% of West African production.

The event was organized by the Association of Cashew Nut Exporters of Ivory Coast, which brings together almost all the exporters in the country and whose executive board includes important players in the cashew sector such as TAN IVOIRE, QTI, Perform World and Dincomci.

This forum was an opportunity for Bolloré Transport & Logistics, as the benchmark logistics service provider for the cashew sector since 1998, to offer the stakeholders concrete solutions to meet the logistic challenges in the export of this raw material from Ivory Coast. Our sales teams presented our multimodal solutions to our many visitors. These include the provision of our storage areas – whose capacities have recently been increased with the commissioning of a modern 10,000 sqm warehouse in Vridi –, local transport via rail or road up to the port, and international transport to destination countries. 

…thanks to unparalleled expertise and dedicated resources.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics, through its subsidiaries Abidjan Terminal, SITARAIL and oré Transport & Logistics Ivory Coast, is the partner of choice for the cashew sector. It has total control over the logistics chain for the export of cashew nuts and kernels from the entire West African sub-region to the different parts of the world.

To provide solutions to its customers’ logistical problems, Bolloré Transport & Logistics Ivory Coast relies on its multimodal logistics solutions, its logistics platforms compliant with international safety standards, a fleet of handling equipment for containers and an extensive storage area that meets the needs of producers in the sector. Bolloré Transport & Logistics Ivory Coast handles on average more than 200,000 metric tons of cashew nuts a year, 40,000 of which are for a single customer, TAN IVOIRE.

In 2017, the cashew marketing campaign was marked, for the fourth year in a row, by the implementation of the reform of the cashew nut sector, adopted by Ivory Coast's Government. The strategic orientations of this reform have made it possible to optimize production, respect the floor farm gate price and significantly improve the income of producers. In 2017, Ivory Coast recorded a production of 711,236 metric tons for a forecast 715,000 metric tons, thereby achieving 99% of its objectives. The 2018 marketing year, with forecast production of 750,000 metric tons, is expected to consolidate the achievements of the first four years of the reform, with greater emphasis on quality and the implementation of incentives to boost the local processing rate.

In this context, these National Days allowed Bolloré Transport & Logistics to forge a lasting partnership with both JNEC and exporters. The industry operators noted with interest Bolloré Transport & Logistics’ constant commitment to customer satisfaction, based on working methods that fully comply with international standards (ISO 9001 certification 2015 version) and on the experience of our operational teams.

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