Transport and Logistics in Canada, Market Focus

by Bolloré Logistics Canada

 Canada’s entrepreneurial spirit and its vast natural resources are major players in commercial opportunities, while trade relations are at the corner stone of the economic development in Canada.


Over the years, Canada signed major trade agreements with the United States and Mexico (NAFTA) and most recently with Europe (CETA). Presently, Canada is in negotiations with the Trans Pacific countries in order to grow its economy at a worldwide level. 

Bolloré Logistics Canada is stronger than ever with more than 300 contributors servicing its clients from coast to coast. With offices in all major metropolitan areas of Canada, including its Head office in Montreal, Bolloré Logistics Canada demonstrates its focus on regional growth in the Canadian marketplace.

Our network is one of Bolloré Logistics’ greatest strengths as it supports our local expertise in Industrial Projects and multimodal consolidation services to and from Europe, Africa and Asia.  

Bolloré Logistics Canada’s customs and warehousing teams are an integral part of our success.  For years, local importers have relied on the professional services of our customs team’s knowledge in order to remain competitive in global markets.


Bolloré Logistics Canada’s warehousing has expanded its footprint to more than 30,000 square meters across the country, allowing providing a full range of logistics services.   

The entity is also certified ISO 9001-2015 and PIP (Partner in Protection).


1. Bolloré Logistics Canada’s Head Office in Montreal, acquired and renovated two years ago.
2. Bolloré Logistics Canada participated in the Canadian Aerospace Summit on November 2018, in Canada’s national capital Ottawa.
3. Transport of a 250-ton Electrical Transformer by rail within Canada.
4. Transport of items for the Venenum exhibit, at the Civilisation Museum of Québec.


Patrick Lafrance

CEO Canada

T: +1 514 966 1001

Benoit Mercier

Sales & Development Director - Canada

T: +1 514 966 5422