Transport and Logistics in Burkina Faso, Market Focus

By Bolloré Logistics Burkina Faso

 Burkina Faso is a hinterland country that is a major trade hub between West African ports such as Abidjan, Lomé, Tema, Cotonou and other border countries such as Niger and Mali. With mining and agricultural resources, Burkina Faso is the 4th largest gold producer in Africa and the 4th largest cotton producer in the world.


Bolloré Transport & Logistics Burkina Faso is the result of the grouping of several entities which are Bolloré Transport & Logistics, Société Nationale de Transit du Burkina, SETO and TRCB container terminals, and Bolloré Logistics & Mining Services.

The Group is well represented throughout the country with seven border offices, and has participated in several major events such as the International Cotton Fair and the regional Symposium "Journées Nationales de la Logistique".

Bolloré Logistics Burkina Faso is the unit of Bolloré Transport & Logistics that offers end-to-end logistics solutions and facilitates transit, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution activities for local and international companies in a wide range of sectors such as mining, cement, industrial development, infrastructure, automotive, healthcare, telecom and consumer goods.


Among their commercial successes, the teams of Bolloré Logistics Burkina Faso participated in the construction project for the 10th gold mine of Houndé Gold Operations. Thanks to a dedicated team of six employees and a vast integrated logistics network, Bolloré Logistics Burkina Faso was able to offer a "door-to-door" solution that optimized costs and improved control of operational deadlines.

In collaboration with Bolloré Transport & Logistics, the teams of Bolloré Logistics Burkina Faso transported 123 containers of electrical poles and cabins on behalf of the Société Nationale d'Electricité du Burkina and handled all administrative and customs formalities from the border to the customer's site in Ouagadougou.

Also, Bolloré Logistics Burkina Faso is ICMC and ISO9001:2015 certified.


1. Cyanide transport convoy from Tema in Ghana to Ouagadougou.
2. Cotton potting operations in Bobo Dioulasso.
3. Supply chain warehouse in Ouagadougou.
4. An employee of Bolloré Logistics Burkina Faso in a sesame warehouse in Bobo Dioulasso.


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