Transport and Logistics in Angola, Market Focus

By Bolloré Logistics Angola

 Angola is a country located in South-Central Africa. It is the seventh largest country in Africa, bordered by Namibia to the South, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the North and Zambia to the East.


A sharp decline in oil prices since 2014 has harmed Angola’s oil-dependent economy, shrinking country’s real GDP by 0.2% in 2017.  The economic recovery should be driven by the production and export of diamonds, agriculture, and construction but also by the implementation of two medium-term plans: the Macroeconomic Stability Program and the National Development plan. These programs aim at addressing macroeconomic imbalances and foster stronger governance, inclusive growth and competitiveness in non-oil sectors.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics was first established in Angola in 1932 through acquisition of AMI, and is now one of the leading freight forwarders in the country. With a staff count of 192 and head offices in Luanda, the group is well represented countrywide with offices and branches in Cabinda, Soyo and Lobito.

Bolloré Logistics Angola offers end-to-end logistics solutions to meet the supply chain requirements of clients from a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, FMCG retail, Telecom, Aid & Relief and Pharmaceuticals among others.

With a presence at the two border points of Massabi and Santa Clara, Bolloré Logistics Angola provides corridor solutions and facilitates freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, container yard management and distribution.

In July 2019, Bolloré Logistics took part in the FILDA exhibition in Luanda, which is the largest multisector exhibition and business event in Angola. Bolloré Logistics’ teams had the chance to present their latest dedicated services and to engage with participants to better understand their local transport and logistics needs in order to provide them the most adapted solutions in Angola and on a global scale.

Besides, Bolloré Logistics Angola is in the process of obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification.


1. Bolloré Logistics Angola teams at the Marathon Day in September 2018.
2. Aerial view of Bolloré Logistics Angola container yard in Luanda.
3. The teams of Bolloré Logistics participated to FILDA, the largest socio-economic event in Angola.
4. Aerial view of Bolloré Logistics Angola container yard in Luanda.

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