SDV Launches EXPAND by SDV, a Range of Services to Accompany and Support the International Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
SDV Launches EXPAND by SDV, a Range of Services to Accompany and Support the International Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

SDV Launches EXPAND by SDV, a Range of Services to Accompany and Support the International Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

January 22nd, 2015

EXPAND by SDV is a package of dedicated services aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). With this innovative offer, SDV secures its SMEs’ clients operations on an international level and allows them to optimize their commercial development.

Focused on the smooth and safe transport and logistics operations, EXPAND by SDV revolves around three distinct services including: credit insurance, cargo insurance and customs diagnosis. SDV therefore responds to SMEs’ needs by handling the risks linked to international trade; they also protect themselves by avoiding risks of non-payment from their clients, their cargo being insured all along the way while transport and customs operations are in check.

EXPAND by SDV – Credit insurance by EULER HERMES

According to the export barometer Euler Hermes*, worldwide leader in credit insurance, 83% of French exporters have in mind to increase their export turnover in 2015, especially in terms of overseas exports. However, developing its activity on an international level can be risky: unpaid invoices remain the first thing to slow down exports, at least for one firm out of two.

SDV associated itself with Euler Hermes in order to offer a credit insurance service specially conceived for exporting SMEs, letting them secure their commercial transactions everywhere in the world. While trusting SDV with its transport and cargo, SMEs will also be able to anticipate the evolution of the financial situation for their clients, be covered against the risk of non-payment as well as delegating the collection of their export trade receivables.

“Our global index of corporate failures in the world remains 12% above its level of pre-crisis”, comments Jocelyne de Montaignac, Sales and Marketing Director at Euler Hermes France. “Beyond the quest for an increased turnover, it is essential to protect its cash flow. The credit insurance service offered via EXPAND by SDV grants exporting SMEs to evaluate their risks and to concentrate their resources on their commercial development, while securing margins, without having to go through more complex and possibly slower methods such as the documentary credit process.”

EXPAND by SDV - Cargo insurance

To transport cargo across the world can represent risks for the merchandise itself; and protection against risk damages for cargo in transit is not always well apprehended by SMEs. The cargo insurance service gives them the possibility to have access to a competitive multimodal cargo insurance solution integrating an all-risk coverage for expeditions that have been entrusted to SDV. The EXPAND by SDV formula permits them to insure their expeditions in a systematic and permanent way, without any worries regarding the implementation of each new client file. Traffic is automatically secured and forgetting about the insurance is of no consequence. The client is compensated for as much as 100% of the value covered, does not pay any franchisee and benefits from continuous information as to the treatment of their file until final settlement of the claim.

EXPAND by SDV – Customs diagnosis

When not closely monitored, customs operations can generate delivery delays and customs risks, leading to additional financial costs. With EXPAND by SDV - Customs diagnosis, SDV offers SMEs daily on-site, targeted customs diagnosis based on seven points of control (incoterms, nature of cargo, value, class, etc.). Once the diagnosis has been completed, the SDV customs experts offer pragmatic advice and recommendations that can be immediately implemented. Then, a concrete action plan is put together in a customized report focused on three domains: organizational, regulatory and commercial.

With EXPAND by SDV, SMEs will be supported by competencies and efficient means to secure and accelerate their international trade. Attention to details and solid propositions from SDV’s experts allow SMEs to take full advantage of tangible and easy-to-deploy solutions.

“Our wish is to bring a fully adapted support to the expectations of our SME clients, easy-to-implement, allowing them to optimize their profitability and their cash flow, as well as to focus their resources on gaining market share. The SMEs’ international development should not be slowed down by risks which, when anticipated, can be controlled.” highlights Pascal Le Guével, SDV Sales Director for France.

*Euler Hermes Barometer - over  800 enterprises have been interviewed from April to July 2014

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