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Cleaner Deliveries

Cleaner Deliveries

March 18th, 2015 - How a hybrid truck can help improve air quality in the city

At a time when the world is looking to reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide and improve air quality, SDV in Singapore is pioneering a new hybrid truck for deliveries that will contribute to cleaner air in the city.

“Increasingly, our clients want to reduce their global environmental footprints and SDV is developing innovative ways to reduce the CO2 emissions of their and our activities,” says Thibault Lecuyer, CSR Regional Manager at SDV in Singapore.

The hybrid truck, the Mitsubishi Canter Eco Hybrid Euro 5 light duty truck, came into service in January. It is the first time SDV has used a hybrid truck in Singapore although it has operated one in Germany for Airbus helicopters.

The truck will initially serve a luxury goods manufacturer, delivering to shops in Singapore’s Marina Bay and Orchard Road, the city’s iconic shopping district.

The hybrid technology combines a small diesel engine with an electric motor. It is designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 23% while also reducing emissions of harmful particle matters and nitrogen oxides by up to 30%, according to Mitsubishi. In addition, this delivery service uses reusable plastic boxes, so reducing the use of cardboard boxes.

“Singapore is a small country and very urban,” says Lecuyer. “It’s ideally suited to the use of hybrid vehicles.”

The hybrid truck boasts several features to make it more fuel efficient. It is powered by the electric motor up to speeds of around 50 kilometres per hour and then as the speed increases, the diesel engine takes over. It also uses regenerative braking that converts kinetic power into electrical engine power.

SDV's initiative fits Singapore’s government aim at ensuring that its transport system lowers its environmental footprint while increasing fuel efficiency. At present, industry and motor vehicles are the two biggest sources of pollution in Singapore.

“The government is promoting green business practices to improve the quality of the air,” says Lecuyer. A recent initiative, The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015, for example, outlines targets to reduce emissions of air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter by 2020. “Innovations such as hybrid trucks will help the government meet its targets,” Lecuyer adds.

In 2012, for instance, the group invested $55 million in its first green hub in Singapore. The innovative building spans 42,000 square meters and boasts energy-saving features such as low thermal-transmission materials for the building envelope.

The green warehouse and the hybrid truck are just one part of SDV’s focus on environmentally-friendly logistics. SDV’s SAVE PROGRAM, for example, offers clients the ability to measure the carbon footprints of their supply chains. It offers ways to reduce emissions through all steps of the supply chain while increasing performance. It also supports sustainable development initiatives through voluntary carbon offsetting projects.

The hybrid truck tackles a specific segment of the emissions problem - how to improve the air quality in cities. “We are trying to reduce the environmental impact of the final part of the delivery in cities and in areas where pollution and noise are mostly present”, says Lecuyer. “This is clearly a problem for urban centres around the world.”

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  • 70%

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  • 27

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  • +18,4%

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  • 82%

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  • 1 billion

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