Achieving AEO Certification in South Korea

March 31st, 2016

Last January 2016, Bolloré Logistics in South Korea was officially awarded the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification during a ceremony organized by the Korean Customs department. This award was remitted by the Director of Korea Customs to Thibault JANSSENS, Managing Director of Bolloré Logistics Korea, alongside Maria MOON, AEO – QHSE Manager at Bolloré Logistics Korea; and Young In JANG, QHSE Senior Executive at Bolloré Logistics Korea.

“It was an honor to be present at the ceremony and receive the AEO certification recognition that our teams worked so hard to achieve,” mentions Thibault JANSSENS. “Creating a safer supply chain for cargo, therefore leading to people safety, is a top priority within the Group,” follows Mr. JANSSENS. 

What is AEO?
In comparison to ISO which is an international independent standard for Quality, Health & Safety and Environment criteria assessments, AEO criteria are set by the World Customs Organization (WCO). Therefore, the auditors granting the AEO certificate are in fact Customs department officers.

What is the purpose of AEO and when was it implemented?
After the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, some questions were raised about the security in the international supply chain. So far, the worldwide customs departments’ main task was the screening of all incoming and outgoing goods in order to collect taxes and to apply the customs regulations (antics, fraud, counterfeit, protected species etc.), so their new focus shifted to creating a ‘safe’ international supply chain.
AEO programs concern Importer/Exporters as well as Supply Chain Operators like Bolloré Logistics Korea. Today, over 60 countries have implemented AEO programs and more than 500 companies in South Korea are AEO certified (out of which 160 are freight forwarders).

Why is AEO important for Bollore Logistics Korea?
First of all, part of the continuous improvement spirit, it also further improves the organization and covers the obstacles within the various Bollore Logistics Korea’ departments such as:

- Complying with the new Korean and international laws and regulations,
- Ensuring the good selection of the Group’s sub-contractors for the transport of sensitive cargo,
- Guaranteeing that the background and experience information of new hires have been duly checked,
- Securing our warehouses,
- Protecting the data in our systems.

It is also a valuable sales pitch. An increasing number of AEO importers and exporters tend to choose AEO certified suppliers as well, allowing them to ensure the same level safe and reliable service along the entire supply chain.


Picture (from left to right): Young In JANG, QHSE Senior Executive at Bolloré Logistics Korea; Maria MOON, AEO – QHSE Manager at Bolloré Logistics Korea and Thibault JANSSENS, Managing Director of Bolloré Logistics Korea, receiving the award from the hands of the Director of Korea Customs.

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