QHSE and Sustainable Development

QHSE and Sustainable Development

BOLLORÉ LOGISTICS, a committed and responsible partner

QHSE and Sustainable Development

Bolloré Logistics' growth is built on the satisfaction of its customers who are central to its strategic roadmap. Its mission is to provide them with secure, innovative and competitive solutions from proposal through to completion.

The driving forces behind this growth will always be Bolloré Logistics’ strong corporate values and its commitment to sustainable development and the highest QHSE standards that, together, form the core foundations for current and future projects.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​     Four cornerstones
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Bolloré Logistics' Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is based on the same environmental, social and societal commitments that apply to all Bolloré Group activities.

​​Social commitments

- Ensuring safety and looking after the health of all employees

- Anticipating changes in the business lines, developing skills and promoting local talents

- Supporting organisational changes and encouraging mobility within the Group

- Integrating diversity in all forms and guaranteeing equal opportunity throughout employees' careers

- Encouraging dialogue with the workforce, employee involvement and engagement

Environmental commitments

- Integrating environmental performance in the Group's overall strategy

- Preventing and reducing the impact of our activities

- Innovating to anticipate new environmental requirements

Societal commitments

- Establishing a relationship built on trust with suppliers

- Strengthening the local presence of the Group's activities

- Promoting the joint commitment of the Group and its employees

In keeping with these commitments, ISO 26000 certification began in 2013. The ISO 26000 standard evaluates the level of m​aturity of an organization by its ability to take responsibility for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behaviour.


The remit of Bolloré Logistics' Ethics and Compliance Department created in 2008 is to disseminate, share and implement each of the values, commitments (Ethics Charter) and procedures (Ethics Alerts) of the Bolloré Group, as well as the rules of conduct defined by the Transportation divisions and set out in the General Code of Business Conduct for Transportation division companies.

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This Code is based around five fundamental commitments:

- Safety of transportation operations

- Health and safety of employees

- Fight against corruption

- Adherence to competition rules

- ​Respect for and protection of the environment