Visibility, aid to decision-making and full control of the supply chain

Bolloré Logistics' information system offers customers full visibility and total control of the supply chain. Bolloré Logistics integrates information flows from all players in the supply chain (carriers, customers and suppliers, customs, etc.) for faster and more flexible management and decision-making. Performance analysis and indicators at every stage ensure the continuous improvement of customer supply chains from start to finish.

A network of experts in information technologies and business processes coordinate the design and implementation of dedicated solutions. 

Operational information is then shared, be it by simple access via a smartphone or through the development of Interfacing between systems.

Our business solutions


LINK: scalable tracking solutions

Combining universal shipment tracking (level 1), a real-time overview and performance analysis of all shipments on all routes (level 2), and the management of purchase and tracking orders (level 3), LINK also allows its users to track multiple flows by customer reference and monitor supplier performance. From the coordination and follow-up of orders to the generation of alerts and dashboards and immediate access to information via the web or a smartphone, LINK is the ideal solution for transparent tracking at every stage in the supply chain.​


SQUARE: logistics platform management

A unique WMS solution recognised over the world in manufacturing and retail, SQUARE is a highly configurable tool that can be adapted to all requirements. A multi-site, multi-channel (e-commerce) and multi-sector solution that allows the native integration of new technologies (voice picking, RFID, handling equipment, etc.), it transforms a standard logistics platform into a high-performance industrial and commercial tool. SQUARE is also used for inventory management (receipt, quality control, cross dock, multi-site), order preparation (wave management, pick & pack, distribution) and reverse logistics. Finally, this tool encompasses the processing of value-added services such as labelling and kitting.


PRISM: global supply chain management

PRISM offers "end-to-end" visibility by integrating transport and warehousing data into a single source system. Its planning and alert management functions, and the automatic updating of pre-defined scenarios in the event of a problem gives users a genuinely proactive handle on the management of operations. By synchronising 3PL providers (aggregation of data, automated processes and follow-up of transport orders), customers can monitor their entire provider network from start to finish. A collaborative platform from supplier to final customer via a single portal, PRISM can also be used for quality control and the management of orders and repair cycles​​.

These three Bolloré Logistics' solutions are enhanced by a series of reporting and communication tools:


A secure and dynamic customer-dedicated portal to share information at any stage of the process (definition and implementation of standard operating procedures, dashboards, etc.)

It allows users to...

    - Consult the latest news and information on the home page,

    - Share information with contacts,

    - Configure a list of contacts for specific operations,

    - Rapidly access the information they need via a "tree structure" website, search engine and Bolloré Logistics tracking tools, and to coordinate their operations thanks to:

    - A Documents library (contracts, SOPs, rates classification, dashboards),

    - E-mails alerts when a document has been updated,

    - An online workspace,

    - Updated operational procedures on a global scale.


A unique global platform that serves as a single point of contact for customers and partner companies. Interfacing allows Bolloré Logistics to communicate using our customers' protocols.

    - A unique global exchange platform.

    - Management of international standards (EDIFACT, X12).

    - Solid experience with SAP and ORACLE.

    - Integration with customs and port authority systems, Traxon, Inttra, etc.

Business Intelligence

Activity reports and Bolloré Logistics and third-party performance indicators. Bolloré Logistics uses COGNOS to cross-reference its management system data in order to generate:

    - Key performance indicators and key operational data,

    - Exception reports (analysis of failed actions or events),

    - Custom tools that allow for the optimal analysis of all logistics activities,

    - Automatic reports that are sent by e-mail or via the web portal over a set period of time.

Mobility Solutions

The Bolloré Logistics application allows for a real-time follow-up of shipments as well as a synthetic overview thanks to a dynamic timeline:

    - Direct access to shipments by scanning the QR code on the documents or by entering the LTA/BL/CMR, House Bill, Bolloré Logistics Tracking No. references in Smartsearch.

    - Access to detailed information for each shipment (origin, destination, mode, event, packing, parties involved) which can be shared via e-mail.

    - Management of shipments using the advanced functions in LINK.

    - Real-time information on urgent shipments and receipt of alerts and notifications directly on a smartphone or tablet.

    - Access to all Bolloré Logistics news and LIVE articles.

    - Search, locate and list Bolloré Logistics sites in order of preference.


Key Figures
  • 20%

    More fuel-efficient for the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350

  • 70%

    of Urbanisation is expected by 2050

  • 27

    mega-cities are expected by 2050, with at least 10 million people, compared to 1...

  • +18,4%

    of growth for E-commerce retail market in Europe in 2015

  • 82%

    of goods are moved by road

  • 1 billion

    Population in Africa

  • 60%

    of Africa’s population will be urbanized by 2050

  • 7,5%

    of growth for Indian GDP in 2014

  • 4,9%

    of growth for African GDP in 2016

  • 6,1%

    of growth for East Asian GDP in 2015, the world’s fastest-growing region

  • 19 224 teus

    transported by the MSC Oscar, the largest container ship in the world

  • 396 m

    is the size of the MSC Oscar ship

  • 120 h

    is the Non-Stop Flight Record done by Solar Impulse

  • 4,5%

    of growth in 2015 for Global Airfreight demand